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We love that we found you and this wonderful product.

There's something about Eastern White Pine

I have been taking EWP for approximately 6 months. I have low autoimmune Thyroid (Hashimotos). The last visit with my Dr revealed I am now in remission from the autoimmune side of the low Thyroid (antibodies are near non existent). She asked me what I've been doing to reach this milestone. EWP is the only difference! Although there are still symptoms of low thyroid, I feel a whole lot better..thank you Josh for your glad I found you..

Ladies Thumb Tincture

I've been struggling with menopause for around 15 years. I've tried almost everything natural I could find.
2 weeks in taking the Ladies Thumb Tincture and all symptoms have subsided. I'm sleeping well and no night sweats!! Highly recommend this product. Thank you Joshua 😊

Love the Elixir!

I have had lower back problems forever and, more recently, inflammation in my right hip. Until now the Keto diet has been the only thing I've known to work to lessen my pain but I get on and off the wagon, as ya do, and my pain returns. Since I've been taking the elixir my inflammation has completely disappeared! Happened pretty instantly too so I'm well impressed! My mum is finding the same results, I witnessed her hooning a big old squirt from the dropper yesterday and I laughed and she said "I just love it!" And we were getting some more bottles yesterday anyway! Her partner needed something to lower his blood pressure IMMEDIATELY as it was skyrocketing for some reason- after one week of taking the elixir he went back to the doctor and his blood pressure was PERFECTO! Waiting on hearing some results from a potential cancer diagnosis from a friend so will see how things go there! All-in-all, highly recommend to anyone and everyone!
Thanks for doing your important work on this planet Josh! Lifetime customer and word-spreader, Bex 🥰

Best product

I take it to keep free of the parasites and heavy metals and it works well. Feeling much healthier, thanks Joshua Cowan for your magical alchemy :)

It works!

I have arthritis in my hips and I'm only 51 but before taking this I couldn't sit for more than 10 mins without stiffening up and forget traveling even 30 mins in a vehicle, I would have to be pried out then wait for my hips to co-operate before I could even think about walking. I couldn't sleep at night for the pain and even trying to walk up or down stairs would have me limping and in pain. I have tried so many things but nothing had any lasting effect or the side effects were awful. I started taking this once a day and have no pain, I walked 14 kms 2 days ago with no pain or limping at all. I can sleep on my sides again. This is a miracle cure and one I highly recommend. It is so easy to take and pleasant tasting. I stopped taking it for 2 weeks and what a difference, I couldn't believe how I slipped back into pain, limping and not being able to sleep. It definitely works!

Absolutely amazing product

Absolutely amazing nasal spray . This has helped me with my ongoing nasal dryness from chemo , has helped my chemical sensitivity to smells alot . The pine and colodial silver and gylcerine is amazing combination . My sneezing and sinus issues are nearly non existent because of this Nasal sprays . It's a life saver could never be without it now . I use alongside eastern white pine elixir it's a perfect combination

Amazing product for boosting immunity,
healing inflammation and detox. It's a daily staple for me now.

Love this product and results, can’t recommend enough, thanks!

I have been taking Eastern White Pine Tincture for about 3 months and am finally beginning to feel alive again! I wake up and can actually get out of bed feeling more energetic than I have for a very long time - the only thing I can put this feeling down to it the Eastern White Pine Tincture! Thank you so much for making this available, God bless you.

Amazing everyone needs to try it.

I've been detoxing for over a week and a half with white pine and activated charcoal and the difference I feel in my breathing and my chesty cough is amazing. (Once started detoxing I felt like shit till my body pushed out the toxins) now I feel good. Less brain fog. More energy. My chesty cough is clearing . Can't wait to see what 2 months brings. Josh this stuff is amazing mate thank you seriously don't stop

White Pine

amazing product, Im sleeping better my head is clearer no brain fog in the mornings also my itchy skin has disappeared all in all love this product....Thankyou

Thank you

This elixir is truly amazing. No more racing heartbeat, heart palpitations or shakey hands. My skin is so much clearer I have more energy and the brain fog is gone. I can't thank you enough. Definitely a lifetime customer.

Some kind of magic

We love it! My partner hasn't felt this good in 2-3yrs, in particular he has a better level of energy and breathing. I'm noticing I have more flexibility/movement and energy - I was even able to squat!! We both feel less bloated and are craving healthier foods. My skin feels really soft (not expecting this) and I just feel generally better. Our 12yr old has had improvements to her pimples and we recon her overall persona is nicer. Thank you for a great product made with love which we do recommend to others. Such a great feeling that its natural without chemicals and side effects.

Great wee potion!

Tastes good and does the job. We kept well around Europe too.


Loving the elixir.

Great product!

Seems to work very well so I will definitely recommend to others!

A Life saver.

My daughter gave me a bottle of your White Pine Bark for my well being. I suffer with atrial fibrillation and as a result had a stroke. My body hates pharmaceutical drugs and reacted badly to prescription blood thinners. I take the White Pine Bark every day as an alternative blood thinner whilst knowing it is also boosting my immunity and helping my health generally. Pleasant to take,and will be ordering more once again. Thanks for a great product and quick service. A lifesaver.

Love this product. Have noticed an improvement in my sinuses and my achy joints. I also haven’t had any coughs or colds since I started taking it. I’m definitely going to keep on with it and recommend to others

Excellent product.

Dedicated service and wonderful elixir.

Beautiful product!

Well done on an amazing product, so many healing properties packaged into a bottle. I think this miracle elixir has provided much relief for many.

God's sent

1st time in a long time, no problem with her period. No clotting nor pain.

Amazing detox and energy booster for me

I have found it has detoxed heavy metals that I got contaminated by, and very quickly, plus it boosted my energy levels as well. I am very grateful for this product and I am sure it's keeping me parasite free too, which is very important. It makes sense that a lot of people travel overseas and are exposed to parasites of all kinds, I am pretty sure they are not given an anti parasitic medication on return to this country and due to the life cycle of such parasites are apparently tricky to eradicate according to actual research, there is no doubt people carry them back here and are easily transferred to the rest of the population who aren't being regularly treated, it makes common sense to protect yourself from such things and continually.

I've been spreading the word ❤️‍🩹

I've got a new lease of life with your magic elixir. Had a horrible cough for 7 months. It's so nice not to have it anymore after 2 weeks on this product. Thank you so much.

Healing elixir - thank you!

I've suffered from pericarditis from the jab - heart and chest pain, palpitations, a very loud heartbeat, racing heart, at one stage I was hospitalised. I have tried all sorts of supplements to help, but after taking these drops my symptoms improved within a week and now I am free from pain. I'm so grateful to have healing help now. This elixir will be part of my daily life. Thanks so much.

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