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Eastern White Pine Elixir 30ml

Eastern White Pine Elixir 30ml

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Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus): A Natural Addition to your daily wellness routine.

Ingredients : 30ml Pinus Strobus Elixir.

Full Spectrum Pinus Strobus Needles and Twigs Extract, Organic Ethanol 20%, Spring Water and Manuka Honey

Dosage : Start with 1 drop under the tongue or added to a drink, increase dosage over time to daily maximum of 1 drop per 20 kg of body weight. 

One bottle contains over 500 drops. If you weigh 80kg then a bottle should last you 4 months.

The shelf life is 2 Years.

Contraindications and Cautions:

Do not consume when pregnant, breastfeeding or taking prescription blood thinners. May cause laxative effect during initial detox.

🍯 Tinctures vs Elixirs ?

Why Quintessence ?

I provide you with the absolute highest quality, strength and bioavailability. The final dosage has been carefully fine tuned for maximum effectiveness and value.

This Elixir is the Quintessence.. but if you feel like shopping around here's a couple of things to consider when comparing with other similar products..

Value 🌲 price + shipping / ml's

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Sharon Brechelt
There's something about Eastern White Pine

I have been taking EWP for approximately 6 months. I have low autoimmune Thyroid (Hashimotos). The last visit with my Dr revealed I am now in remission from the autoimmune side of the low Thyroid (antibodies are near non existent). She asked me what I've been doing to reach this milestone. EWP is the only difference! Although there are still symptoms of low thyroid, I feel a whole lot better..thank you Josh for your glad I found you..

Bex Cockburn
Love the Elixir!

I have had lower back problems forever and, more recently, inflammation in my right hip. Until now the Keto diet has been the only thing I've known to work to lessen my pain but I get on and off the wagon, as ya do, and my pain returns. Since I've been taking the elixir my inflammation has completely disappeared! Happened pretty instantly too so I'm well impressed! My mum is finding the same results, I witnessed her hooning a big old squirt from the dropper yesterday and I laughed and she said "I just love it!" And we were getting some more bottles yesterday anyway! Her partner needed something to lower his blood pressure IMMEDIATELY as it was skyrocketing for some reason- after one week of taking the elixir he went back to the doctor and his blood pressure was PERFECTO! Waiting on hearing some results from a potential cancer diagnosis from a friend so will see how things go there! All-in-all, highly recommend to anyone and everyone!
Thanks for doing your important work on this planet Josh! Lifetime customer and word-spreader, Bex 🥰

Heather G
Best product

I take it to keep free of the parasites and heavy metals and it works well. Feeling much healthier, thanks Joshua Cowan for your magical alchemy :)

Kim Martin
It works!

I have arthritis in my hips and I'm only 51 but before taking this I couldn't sit for more than 10 mins without stiffening up and forget traveling even 30 mins in a vehicle, I would have to be pried out then wait for my hips to co-operate before I could even think about walking. I couldn't sleep at night for the pain and even trying to walk up or down stairs would have me limping and in pain. I have tried so many things but nothing had any lasting effect or the side effects were awful. I started taking this once a day and have no pain, I walked 14 kms 2 days ago with no pain or limping at all. I can sleep on my sides again. This is a miracle cure and one I highly recommend. It is so easy to take and pleasant tasting. I stopped taking it for 2 weeks and what a difference, I couldn't believe how I slipped back into pain, limping and not being able to sleep. It definitely works!


Amazing product for boosting immunity,
healing inflammation and detox. It's a daily staple for me now.