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Eastern White Pine Glycerine Nasal Spray 30ml

Eastern White Pine Glycerine Nasal Spray 30ml

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This Nasal spray is designed to more effectively target the upper respiratory, sinuses, ears, eyes and possibly brain.

Glycerine is used to extract compounds from plants, creating "glycetracts" or "glycerites," which are ideal for delivering herbal benefits to individuals who are sensitive to alcohol, such as young children, recovering alcoholics, and those with liver issues.

Disadvantages : limited shelf life and a less potent or complete extract compared with alcohol extracts. Also possible reaction to Glycerine.

These should be kept in the fridge to extend the shelf life.

Ingredients : 30ml Pinus Strobus Nasal Spray.

Pinus Strobus Needles and Bark Glycerine Extract 7%, Colloidal Silver 25%, and Pure Spring Water.

No Alcohol, No Honey

Dosage : 

Spray = 2 Squirts per nostril, twice a day. 

Contraindications and Cautions:  

Spot test for possible reaction to Glycerine. Do not consume when taking prescription blood thinners.

Why Quintessence ? 

I provide you with the absolute highest quality, strength and bioavailability. The final dosage has been carefully fine tuned for maximum effectiveness and value.

This Elixir is the Quintessence.. but if you feel like shopping around here's a couple of things to consider when comparing with other similar products..

Value 🌲 price + shipping / ml's

Dosage 🌲 how many drops per day ?

Shipping Time 🌲 I only sell what I have in stock and send the same or next business day

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely amazing product

Absolutely amazing nasal spray . This has helped me with my ongoing nasal dryness from chemo , has helped my chemical sensitivity to smells alot . The pine and colodial silver and gylcerine is amazing combination . My sneezing and sinus issues are nearly non existent because of this Nasal sprays . It's a life saver could never be without it now . I use alongside eastern white pine elixir it's a perfect combination