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Lady's Thumb Tincture (Honey Free) 30ml

Lady's Thumb Tincture (Honey Free) 30ml

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Lady's Thumb (Persicaria Maculosa): For reproductive support in men and women. Assists with menopause, infertility and impotence.

A Natural Addition to your daily wellness routine and completely complementary to Pinus Strobus.

Ingredients : 30ml Lady's Thumb Tincture.

Full Spectrum Persicaria Maculosa Leaf Extract, Organic Ethanol 20%, Calcium Citrate, Spring Water.

❌️🍯 No Honey ❌️🍬 No Sugar

Dosage : 3 Drops, twice per day, morning and early evening.

One bottle contains over 500 drops and will last you 3 months.

The shelf life is 2 Years.


Diuretic, may increase urination. Best taken morning and early evening to avoid waking during the night.

Raw leafy greens like spinach and lady's thumb contain oxilates which can cause kidney stones to form. This tincture contains calcium citrate as a binder for any oxilates which is then filtered before bottling. Any small amount left behind will pass safely through the digestive system instead of the urinary tract.

Why Quintessence ? 

I provide you with the absolute highest quality, strength and bioavailability. The final dosage has been carefully fine tuned for maximum effectiveness and value.

This Elixir is the Quintessence.. but if you feel like shopping around here's a couple of things to consider when comparing with other similar products..

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Customer Reviews

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Kane McLaughlin
Ladies Thumb Tincture

I've been struggling with menopause for around 15 years. I've tried almost everything natural I could find.
2 weeks in taking the Ladies Thumb Tincture and all symptoms have subsided. I'm sleeping well and no night sweats!! Highly recommend this product. Thank you Joshua 😊