If you are a retailer who would like to stock Quintessence Elixirs and Tinctures then here's all the details on how you can join the Eastern White Pine Forest and provide your customers with this amazing product.🌲💚

Pricing is structured on a tiered discount system meaning that as your order increases so does the discount level. Simply Add products to Cart.

All discount codes are fully Automatic.

WHOLESALE20 - 20% off - Minimum 10

WHOLESALE25 - 25% off - Minimum 20

WHOLESALE30 - 30% off - Minimum 30

Free Shipping on orders of 20+

I recommend setting your retail price somewhere between $35 to $40. Any higher and people will simply buy from this website.

All orders are to be made through the website. You will receive a tax invoice once your order ships next business day.

You can choose credit card payment or bank deposit at checkout. (Please make bank payments asap to avoid dispatch delay)

Quintessence is registered for GST, meets NP3 food safety regulations, and dietary supplement labeling requirements.

I have a huge group of repeat customers but I also want to help as many people as possible and am willing to lose some profitability to achieve this goal.

I also recommend buying 80% Elixirs : 20% Tinctures when purchasing for your customers who don't do honey.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more and I look forward to working with you to provide Eastern White Pine Extracts to your valued customers 🌲💚